"That feeling of the Night" is an immersive art installation in space that contains two key elements: video work and glass objects in the space. Viewers find themselves as high where explosions happen and as low, where the glass is restlessly shaking. First time shown in May 2022, Vilnius Photography Gallery, Lithuania.

'An explosion might occur' (8' 43, no sound) is a loop video, filmed with the drone in one-shot, spinning in a 360-degree, at the height where fireworks explode. It is showing the midnight moment - a transition to the new year, symbolizing the new chapter, new beginnings, but it never ends, which at some point starts feeling like a limbo. It was filmed on the New Year night from 2019 to 2020, the last New Year Eve before pandemics, entering a new decade.

Glass object (0,4x90x170cm) is being shaken by an electric current, creating tension in the space, and at the same time subtly luring the viewer and inviting to interact, while being dismissive at the same time.

Both elements, though very different, at some point synchronize with each other and create a feeling of a never-ending event. One may question whether this is a never ending celebration, a midnight moment stuck in limbo, or a night before an accident.

Here the artist questions our traditions of celebration and at the same time emphasizes the danger of it. Artist asks how much impact we have in controlling them and when it becomes out of hand.

video documenation: https://youtu.be/5RmGDMDJ67Y 

Photography by Tata Frenkel & Brigita Kasperaitė