last supper / i don't know
digital photography, object

Site specific project. Where to institutional buildings were observed. National Art gallery and the central branch of "Swedbank, both in vilnius, both near each other (each building is visible from each interiors).

National Art Gallery – as a cultural space – projects a view of one over the other overlapping the layers, which changes eachother during the period of time. In the picture we can see astatue which was ordered to make under the soviet regime,and was left there after, behind it there is Radisson Blue hotelas well as the main branch in baltic states of Swedbank. Today,these layers symbolises different periods and opposing ideolo-gies which encounters in the horizon prospected from NationalArt Gallery. Here I am questioning the environment that sur-rounds us and how it might shape us, while parts are changingand parts are staying.Large format poster on matte photographic paper, hanged withtwo nails on the wall - is a mimic to Soviet posters. The move-ment made by photographic simulation for the only diagonal inthe composition – is an ambition to create a sense of hesitation,insecurity for the future

Continuing my last work “I don’t know” I followed the buildingin the horizon which was the central branch of bank“Swedbank” and wished to investigate what message it mightbring for the visitor. The buffet next to the conference roomthat was not really used, brought the feeling of „Last supper“...While trying to keep the composition to give the allusion to DaVincis’ painting „Last supper“ I created an object and framed itin an “office like” dark wooden frame