kittens playing tennis
perfomance, video, object, installation

Here is the system, and it is forbidden to cross the border. The artwork isabout self-representation in social media, utopias and hybridisation of ourselves.

Question „are we still creating the content or just reproducingthe given?“ personally for me is relevant as ever in this repetition of visuals, which just like mirrage, manipulates and creates hallucination which you belong to. Projection on the wall, with the view of abandoned “Linas” pool “filled” with virtual water.
Meanwhile in physical space choreography and sound are created by tennis balls fired from tennis machine, which are caught and placed back into the machine by two characters: “kittens” in tennis outfits, replicating facerecognition apps.


Meno celės’19 “Titanikas” gallery, Vilnius (LT), 2019
Vilnius Culture Night’19
Nominated for Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award´19 (NBYAA) prize, 2019

kittens playing tennis, 2019 from Brigita Kas on Vimeo.

linas sanatorium 2019 from Brigita Kas on Vimeo.

VDA “Titanikas” gallery, Vilnius (LT), 2019

Meno celės’19, Vilnius (LT), 2019