an explosion might occur
two channel video installation, sound, text

With the higher source of energy, an explosion might occur - the most natural known one is a volcano releasing the lava. Explosive volcano eruptions happen, when magma rising from below has too much dissolved gas; explosions also happen from bangs, hydrothermal explosions, they frequently occur during bushfires in eucalyptus forests where the volatile oils in the treetops suddenly combust. It can also occur way beyond of the surface of the Earth, i.e. Supernovas.

They happen in urban nature as well, caused by humans, grounding so many reasons and emotions - misunderstandment, accidents caused by lack of knowledge, wars, desire, happiness, celebrations. They are a bipolar cause, which brings destruction and at the same time the birth of something new.

Filmed on the night of 31st of December, 2019, when entering a new decade and trying to be as high as where fireworks explode and low where the war is happening.